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  • Fixed process.send bug
  • Remote DB Authentication


  • Fixed incorrect Content-Length response header.


  • Removed dependency on jQuery for dpd.js
  • JSON-formatted "bad credentials" login error
  • Improved error reporting on CLI when port is in use
  • If in development mode, and no port has been specifically requested, CLI will retry with up to 5 different ports
  • Fixed "no open connections" bug on startup
  • Renamed Db.connect() to Db.create()
  • Db connections are now lazy and only occur once a request is made
  • Added 500 and 404 error pages
  • Added module domain error handling for better module errors
  • Added automatic reloading on error
  • Dropped support for node 0.6


  • Fixed rare but annoying bug where server would crash for no good reason ("Cannot set headers") on a request


  • Bumped the default recursion limit to 2 levels
  • Fixed rare case where a resource's dashboard would not load
  • Fixed user events
  • Fixed several validation bugs
  • In a UserCollection /users/me will return 204 instead of 401


Breaking Changes

  • Restructured Deployd app folder structure. Let us know if you need to migrate any 0.5 apps.
  • Changed the "email" property of a UserCollection to "username", in order to be less opinionated about user logic.

New Features

  • Rebuilt the dashboard
  • You can now manage resources from any page on the dashboard. Navigation has also been improved
  • You can now reorder properties in a collection
  • Added custom resource API. You can now write your own resources and include them in your app. See the [docs] for examples and reference.

Major Bugfixes

  • Fixed bug where your session could get elevated to root after using the Dashboard (causing cancel() in events to be ignored)