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Panda Logo

A Superminimal, dark Syntax Theme. This is the latest version of the Panda Syntax theme. It's a dark syntax theme crafted especially for Visual Studio Code [New Version], with subtle colors that are meant to be easy on the eyes.

Main ScreenShot

The font in the screenshot is Operator Mono. From $199, exclusively at H&Co.

⌨️ Installation


  1. Go to Extensions
  2. Search for Panda and install it.
  3. Go to Color Themes and choose Panda Syntax as the color theme or CMD + Shift + P and enter Command > color theme and choose Panda Syntax.

唥 Language support

Panda Syntax Theme Supported Packages language-* and optimized for many languages:

  • Markup: HTML, MarkDown(.md), jsdoc.
  • CSS: Sass, SCSS, LESS.
  • JavaScript: JS, ES6, JSX, CoffeeScript.
  • Regex.

📞 Recommended

Panda Created for Editors and Terminals. Panda Project.

Panda Ports

🐛 Issues and contributing

If you would like to create a new Issue or PR, please do so in:

  • This repo if it's about color changes, first read Color Semantics and Change themes files.

🐼 About Pandas

Pandas ScreenShot

  1. Sleep 12-14 hours per day
  2. Eat 12-14 hours per day
  3. Consume 10 to 18 kilos of raw bamboo per day
  4. Poop 10 to 18 kilos of processed bamboo per day.
  5. Panda sex is awkward. Naps are much more fun.

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