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Winston Liu 50Wliu
@atom maintainer and TF2 plugin developer (in particular FF2 and TF2x10).
Adam Wiggins adamwiggins
Digital toolmaker


Addy Osmani addyosmani
Engineering Manager at Google working on Chrome & Web Platform

Google Mountain View, California

Alex Dunae alexdunae

Dialect Vancouver Island, Canada

Eloy Durán alloy

Artsy Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amjad Masad amasad Bay Area, CA

Alex Nachlas anachlas

@stablekernel Atlanta, GA

Andrew Bonventre andybons
Engineering Lead on the @golang Team

Google NYC

Andy Smart andysmart

Andy Smart Birmingham, UK.

Anne Camille annecamille

ICICT - FIOCRUZ Rio de Janeiro

Salvatore Sanfilippo antirez
Computer programmer based in Sicily, Italy. I mostly write OSS software. 40 years old. Not a puritan.

Redis Labs Campobello di Licata, Sicily, Italy

Arunoda Susiripala arunoda

@zeit Colombo, Sri Lanka

ashley williams ashleygwilliams
a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. @rustlang core. rustWASM WG. former @nodejs director, @npmjs.

@rust-lang NYC

Aaron Stanush astanush

Four Kitchens Austin, TX

astaxie astaxie
Write the testable code

jimengIO Shanghai, China

asvd asvd
Front-end development, UI and UX. Discover the most efficient ways of building the interaction between human and computer.

Sixt Munich

Corey Donohoe atmos

Heroku NYC / South Lake Tahoe

Azer Koçulu azer
Founder of

Kozmos Berlin

Brian Jordan bcjordan
Indie Game Developer working on Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Doborog Cambridge, MA

Benjamin E. Coe bcoe
I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm. Co-founded, currently hacks up a storm at npm. Aspiring human.

npm, Inc. Oakland

Linus Eriksson Ben3eeE
@atom community volunteer, kuski, gamer, issue reproducer and pull request tester.


Ben Lesh benlesh

Google San Jose, CA

Peter Beverloo beverloo

Google London, United Kingdom

Michelle Tilley BinaryMuse
I flip bits on and off @github 💻

GitHub San Francisco, CA

BitcoinPay bitcoinpay

Confirmo LTD United Kingdom

Chris Allen bitemyapp
Dog person, author, programmer.

0xD43C5CD92AAF4EC1 Austin, TX

“Real learning comes about when the competitive spirit has ceased.”


Brad Gearon bradgearon

@wedevelopsoftware Liberty, MO USA

Bram Gruneir BramGruneir
Working at Cockroach Labs. Formerly at Square and Microsoft.

Cockroach Labs New York

Brian LeRoux brianleroux
Currently building with 🔰

Small Wins San Francisco, USA || Vancouver, Canada

Brian Wigginton bwiggs

Applied Systems Austin, Texas

Florian Harr caffeineflo
Problem Solver and Problem Creator

iFlorian Atlanta, Georgia

Justin Palmer Caged
Engineering, Data Visualization, Design @github.

GitHub Portland, OR

⭐caitp⭐ caitp
I work on the v8 and JavaScriptCore JS engines for a living. I enjoy doing this, this is fun. I do other things, too (like build some fun OBS Studio plugins)

Igalia Toronto, Canada

Julio Capote capotej

@computology New York City, NY