The simplest yet effective jQuery idle plugin
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The simplest yet effective jQuery idle plugin



Listen for mouse, keyboard, touch and other custom events and fire "activity" and "inactivity" idle events


Add either the jquery.inactivity.js or jquery.inactivity.min.js along with the jQuery library to your HTML document

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.inactivity.min.js"></script>

Then call the plugin on the element that you want to attach it

// attach to document

You can set your options when you call the plugin for first time and you can also do this later at runtime in the same way

$(document).inactivity( {
    timeout: 1000, // the timeout until the inactivity event fire [default: 3000]
    mouse: true, // listen for mouse inactivity [default: true]
    keyboard: false, // listen for keyboard inactivity [default: true]
    touch: false, // listen for touch inactivity [default: true]
    customEvents: "customEventName", // listen for custom events [default: ""]
    triggerAll: true, // if set to false only the first "activity" event will be fired [default: false]

This is how you handle the "activity" and "inactivity" events

$(document).on("activity", function(){
    // function that fires on activity

$(document).on("inactivity", function(){
    // function that fires on inactivity

And that's how you unattach the plugin

// unattach from document


jQuery 1.7+, tested with 2.1.4 and 3.0.0

Browser Support

  • IE9+
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • iOS Safari
  • Chrome Mobile
  • IE Mobile
  • Opera Mobile
  • Opera Mini
  • Blackberry Browser


Please do submit a ticket if you notice a bug. Thank you :)