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TAP-DC Website

This is the code for


  • www/ -- all the front-end code
  • www/_*.html -- page fragments
  • www/*.html -- full pages
  • www/media/ -- all the pictures used on the website
  • www/lib/ -- all the 3rd-party dependencies (jquery, fonts, etc.)
  • ssi.js -- this is a simple Server-Side Includes server that I wrote in NodeJS
  • -- this is a bot I wrote in Python that scrapes events off Facebook and generates 3 page fragments: _upcoming.html _past.html _next.html


node ssi.js

The server (ssi.js) automatically runs the bot ( every hour.


  • You will need to register for a Facebook app under your name and get a "client token" in order to use the bot ( Copy the token where it says token = '' (line 34).

  • Some instances of the TAP-DC logo are rendered using HTML, since I was unable to obtain hi-res images. The code is in _logo.html

  • Google Analytics snippet is embedded in _footer.html

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