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DORMANT! An OAuth2 implementation in ruby that makes implementing providers too easy.
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oauth2-ruby is a Ruby library that makes it easy for developers to use OAuth2 protocol, currently in use in sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Launchpad (37 Signals).

Disclaimer: As this is alpha software, it is suspected to change and considered unstable.

OAuth 2 protocol compliance

The current implementation of the gem is based on OAuth2 draft 00 (more about it here and here). Our goal is to support Draft 09 by the time gem hits version 1.0.


Currently the project consists of three seperate packages: oauth2-core, oauth2-server and oauth2-client - the latter will be available soon.


  • makes parsing, validating and building Authorization and WWW-Authenticate headers easy
  • implements OAuth2::Attributes which gives the possibility to set an attribute via callback (blocks), accessor or passing a hash on object initialization. This ensures that the library is very flexible.


  • provides different flows according to the OAuth2 specification. Currently, only the web server flow is implemented.
  • makes handling OAuth2 requests easy. It currently supports bearer and cryptographic requests.

Getting started

The wiki features some examples.

How to contribute

If you wish to helps us make OAuth 2 an easy ride with Ruby, please take note of the following:

  • If you have an issue, please submit it here on Github
  • Should you wish to commit a patch, please fork the project and send a pull request. But - please - don't forget the tests :)


This Ruby GEM is made available to you under the MIT license.

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