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haikus[0] = "A sudden shower falls <br> and naked I am riding <br>on a naked horse!<br>--Issa"
haikus[1] = "Spring rain<br> I swoop into Brooklyn<br> As the drops fall<br> On my doorstep.<br> Home."
haikus[2] = "I like to wash,<br> the dust of this world<br> In the droplets of dew<br> --Basho"
+ haikus[3] = "A world of dew, <br> and within every dewdrop <br> a world of struggle<br> --Issa"
+ haikus[4] = "Patterns traced on sand <br> Like veins evaporating <br> As the moon brings waves."
+ haikus[5] = "beautiful black dress <br> flowing with the hazy sky <br> into dancing waves"
+ haikus[6] = "The sun's slow waver; <br> Humid blankets wake me up <br> Drenched in the day's warmth. "
+ haikus[7] = "Wandering back home- <br> Fading sparks glow with the moon; <br> Rain escorts us."
function chooseHaiku(){
var rando = Math.ceil(Math.random()*haikus.length) - 1;
return haikus[rando];

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