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A Flock of Swifts

Flock We are a group of people excited by the Swift language. We meet each Saturday morning to share and discuss Swift-related topics.

All people and all skill levels are welcome to join. RSVP:




Questions and Discussion

Apple AirPods and Vision Pro

Rainer notes that AirPod Pros give amazing sound for the small package they are in. He was wondering how they compare to Vision Pro. The consensus seemed to be that Vision Pro audio is better than AirPod Pro audio but not as good as AirPod Max audio.

Concurrency Isolation

We went through the points in

These include:

  • You can determine isolation from a types declaration
  • Sometimes you have to look at base types to get the answer
  • When you await you can change isolation
  • Closures can inherit isolation
  • You can opt out of isolation
  • Protocols can specify isolation and it has tricky consequences
  • SwiftUI only specifies the body property as @MainActor which can be confusing
  • Turn on complete checking to find out where your data races might be.

Josh showed several additional examples including several examples of how you can run into problems with view model isolation. The conversation then turned to state management more generally comparing different approaches. We also talked about task inheritance and structured concurrency more generally. Memorize this:

Task Inheritence


Presentation: Generalized Pagination

Josh started project for handling pagination in a generalized way.

  • Use an enumeration to handle loading, loaded(Content), error, empty states.
  • Use @CasePathable to ergonomically handle the enum states.
  • Make a generic type to handle the content and getting the next set of data.
  • Make the pagination type conform to RandomAccessCollection and friends by projecting the underlying content array.
  • Make a pagination manager using an actor that accepts closures for fetching data and synchronizing fetching calls and publishing result via an async stream.

Source code TBD.

Questions and Discussion

Swift 6 and Swift Evolution

Swift 6 branch was announced meaning 5.10 and Swift 6 are being developed together.

An alternative view of evolution sorted by status:

Some recent proposals highlighted by Josh:

Implementing a with method

Allows mutation of a builder type were the final built type may be declared with a let.


Performance analysis of Mojo looking specifically at TCO (tail call optimization) in recursive functions.

With regard to optimization and debugging we discussed looking at output from

(lldb) p getFunction()->dump()

Georgi shared this link:


A configuration language that plays nicely with Swift types and others.


Presentation: Transforms and SwiftUI

Josh took us through an example of using transforms, matrix multiplication and how homogeneous coordinates work to produce affine transforms. Discussion of column-based vs row-based transforms.

Carlyn notes this tutorial series:

Peter notes this Tech note from Apple about transforming images:

Questions and Discussion

New SwiftUI Field Guide

Swift System

Cross platform abstractions for file access, etc.

For example, Swift NIO uses System as a dependency.

Underscored attributes

What do they all mean? Find out here:


Questions and Discussion

Apple Vision Pro

Lots of discussion about virtual avatars, Zoom implementation, bugs, etc.

Frank shared this top 10 app list:

Humberto shared this best app for teens. 😂

Discussion of Polyspatial

Discussion of Godot

Swift Collections

There is a new release of Swift collections (1.1) that now includes Heap BitSet BitArray TreeSet and TreeDictionary

Code Organization and Tracing Tools

How to name SwiftUI files:

Log function names with #function

Also, Josh notes:

let _ = Self._printChanges()


Safari Extension in Swift

Carlyn took us on a voyage exploring web extensions. It is a little tricky to setup if you want your extension to talk to your app.

Sequences Presentation

Josh gave a short presentation on iterating through grid composed of two grids.

func lazyCartesianProduct<X: Sequence, Y: Collection>(_ x: X, _ y: Y) -> some Sequence<(X.Element, Y.Element)> {
        x.lazy.flatMap { x in { y in (x, y) } }
func cartesianProduct<X: Sequence, Y: Collection>(_ x: X, _ y: Y) -> some Sequence<(X.Element, Y.Element)> {
    sequence(state: (
        column: x.makeIterator(),
        row: y.makeIterator(),
        currentColumn: Optional<X.Element>.none
    )) { state in
        state.currentColumn = state.currentColumn ??
        let y = ?? {
            state.currentColumn =
            state.row = y.makeIterator()
        return state.currentColumn.flatMap { x in { y in (x, y) } }

It is also interesting to look at the product type defined in the algorithms library:

Connect3D Available in the Store 🥳

Ed released an Apple Vision Pro app. Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment considering he developed it all without hardware.

Questions and Discussion

Apple Vision Pro Day

John and Ed attended the meeting using AVP. We had fun seeing their avatars and getting a firsthand description of the platform.

AI and Software Development

How is it changing what people are doing?

It is possible that the code quality is better for other languages such as Python and C++ because the corpus is larger.


Optimization Presentation

Josh walked us through the documents in the Swift repo

Questions and Discussion

Supporting in-app Purchases and Verifying Certificates

You can stand up your own server or use one of these services:

If you are a small shop, you might just choose on-device verification knowing that it will be possible some to crack.

Bug in Form HStack's

Here is the sample project from Monty.

Working with JSON

You could write your own viewer:

Editing Notifications

Schemes are XML!

Carlyn has been hacking schemes from the command line.

Computer History

It was the 40th anniverary of the Mac this week.


Ray is starting the Ray Tracing challenge. Here are some good resources for Ray Tracing:


Presentation: Plugin Explorer

Carlyn presented findings about how to implement plugin commands.

The repo for the PluginExplorer is found here:

WWDC references:

Swift Package Manager:

The Original Pitch and Proposal:

Other resources:

Generating your xcode project from scratch, or updating it from the command line: Xcodeproj

Questions and Discusssion

Apple Vision Pro Pre-orders

The process was a little bumpy but it sounded like everyone that wanted to get one was able to. It seems like the backlog now is only about a month.

Device Disposal

Apple has special equipment to disassemble devices so the materials can be properly recycled.

Perception and Observation:

Josh showed us a new framework from that backports Observable by taking inspiration from the Swift open source library which uses system private interfaces (aka _spi(SwiftUI)) to implement observation.

Josh also gave us a link to an article that goes into depth about Observation:


Questions and Discusssion


Paul Hudson is running a VisionOS course.
Apple's VisonOS news release.

OS Log

We discussed OSLog and how to use the console app using this example.


We discussed MVVM using this example.


Feature Presentation: VisionOS

Josh continued his VisionOS example from last year building a 3D style shooting game were you can knock down blocks by firing balls from a cannon. Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Taking in game controller events
  • Mapping these events to transforms that move the cannon
  • Creating new entities with initial velocity and physics
  • Dynamic and static entities. Dynamic entities were the blocks and the balls. The floor was static entity.
  • Composing new components into the system. The example was to control the lifetime of fired balls so they disappear after a few seconds.

Code Preview

Questions and Discusssion


Bob D looking into logging code from previous meetings and updating the SwiftUI navigation to the latest version (NavigationStack).

Some of the videos he found useful:

Ray mentioned testing logging using a DI framework.

Josh mentioned that with recent improvements to OSLog even without dependency injection or mocking you can write out the log to an array and check it in a test if you are interested in.

Buying a New Mac

Be careful of using old machines that are connected to the Internet that aren't getting security updates. Go to Apple Silicon if possible but recent Intel machines are still viable for a few more years. The important thing is getting security updates.

Some places to look from deals:

For those missing the touch pad, consider stream deck.

Swift Package Preview

The Swift blog showcases some interesting packages.

One that we took note of was a macro system to cut down on initializer boilerplate. 1000 line code reductions in real projects.

Dimissing Windows in VisionOS

The key is doing this through the environment:

@Environment(\.dismissWindow) private var dismissWindow

Ed was having trouble doing this probably because he was calling it at the wrong time.

John B gave us a quick working example:

.onChange(of: showImmersiveSpace) { _, newValue in
    Task {
        if newValue {
            switch await openImmersiveSpace(id: "ImmersiveSpace") {
            case .opened:
                immersiveSpaceIsShown = true
                dismissWindow(id: "MainWindow")
            case .error, .userCancelled:
            @unknown default:
                immersiveSpaceIsShown = false
                showImmersiveSpace = false
        } else if immersiveSpaceIsShown {
            await dismissImmersiveSpace()
            immersiveSpaceIsShown = false

For completeness, this is how he shows the window though he notes that it should be factored out from the collision handler where it currently lives. Hopefully, Ed can use this working example to get his own project working.

collisionSubscription = content.subscribe(to: CollisionEvents.Began.self) { [self]
    event in
    if event.entityA == lander {
        DispatchQueue.main.asyncAfter(deadline: + 5) {
            Task {
                await dismissImmersiveSpace()
                openWindow(id: "MainWindow")


Meeting minutes and learnings from the physical space meeting.






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