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Enayet Shell

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The Enayet Shell is a pet project so that I can get familiar with Rust, and have fun creating a shell (something I've been meaning to get to but never quite got the chance to do). This is a fairly minimal shell but I hope to add on to it as time goes on. I will also rewrite small shell utilities in Rust (such as cd and ls).

Building the shell

I built this on MacOS 10.12, 10.13 and on Linux (Ubuntu Precise via Travis CI). It has not been tested on any other platform. It's probably not going to work on Windows.

To modify or build this shell:

git clone
cargo build --release

Note that the shell must be built with Cargo so that the program knows what version it is (shell output relies on a cargo variable)

If you want to build the compressed version of the shell (using gzexe):

git clone


In order to create the shell, you will need to have the Rust language installed. If you want to create the compressed version of the shell, you will need the following dependencies installed and available in your PATH:

  • gzip
  • gzexe
  • basename
  • chmod
  • ln
  • mkdir
  • mktemp
  • rm
  • sleep
  • tail

The development of this shell also depends on git-flow. The development branch is called develop.


The shell will be built as an executable. To run the shell

./ensh [config_path]


  • config_path - the file path to the configuration file for the shell. The the default config file is named .ensh_config. The system looks for ~/.ensh_config by default, but an alternate path can name any file in any location, as long as it conforms to the format and is reachable by the shell binary.


The config file has a very simple format that is subject to change with any update. Currently, the config file contains path directories, separated by lines. The config file may contain nonexistent directories - this will not throw an error, the shell will search for executables in the directories it can find.

The default config file includes the following paths:


Roadmap 2018

  • tab completion
  • style customization via config file
  • python/python style scripting