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Assent is designed to make Android's runtime permissions easier and take less code in your app to use.

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@@ -12,8 +14,7 @@ Assent is designed to make Android's runtime permissions easier and take less co
1. [Gradle Dependency](#gradle-dependency)
2. [The Basics](#the-basics)
3. [Using Results](#using-results)
4. [Duplicate Request Handling](#duplicate-request-handling)
5. [Parallel Request Handling](#parallel-request-handling)
4. [Under the Hood Extras](#under-the-hook-extras)
@@ -91,7 +92,7 @@ val permissionDenied: Boolean = result.isAllDenied(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)
## Duplicate Request Handling
## Under the Hood Extras
If you were to do this...
@@ -103,14 +104,6 @@ askForPermissions(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) { _ -> }
...the permission would only be requested once, and both callbacks would be called at the same time.
An example situation where this would be useful: if you use tabs in your app, and multiple Fragments
which are created at the same time request the same permission, the permission dialog would only be shown
once and both Fragments would be updated with the result.
## Parallel Request Handling
If you were to do this...
@@ -120,7 +113,3 @@ askForPermissions(CALL_PHONE) { _ -> }
...Assent would wait until the first permission request is done before executing the second request.
This is important, because if you were you request different permissions at the same time without
Assent, the first permission request would be cancelled and denied and the second one would be
shown immediately.
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