[BETA] Stitch your photos together vertically or horizontally easily!
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PhotoAffix (BETA)

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Libraries Used

This app is still in beta! You can download the APK to try it out.

Get it on Google Play

You can opt-in to beta testing on Google Play too.

I commonly use Screener to make device frame art, and I put the results side by side to make one showcase image for apps. PhotoAffix will help you with that. Plus it's open source.

The issue tracker shows a list of features that are planned at the moment.

Libraries Used

  1. Material Dialogs – By Me (@afollestad)
  2. Inquiry – By Me (@afollestad)
  3. Glide – By @bumptech
  4. ButterKnife – By @JakeWharton
  5. PhotoView – By @chrisbanes