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Leftronic Ruby Gem Documentation

What is Leftronic?

Leftronic makes powerful dashboards for business intelligence.

  • Colorful and interactive data visualizations
  • Templates to get you started right away
  • Drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for anyone to create a powerful dashboard, customized to their needs
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Twitter, Chartbeat, Zendesk, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Facebook, and more to come!
  • Dashboards can be protected or shared with a shortened URL
  • Powerful API's for Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java
  • Python Package and Ruby Gem

Technical Notes

We also suggest checking out our API page. While the most detailed documentation is here, it has JSON and CURL examples in addition to a test form to send data to your custom widgets.

Authentication is handled by your API access key. We strongly encourage you to keep this key private. If you're logged in, your key can be found on our API page. If you plan on using one of our API libraries, you will find instructions below on how to set your access key.

All API requests are made by sending a POST request to with a properly formatted JSON packet. We do not support XML.

Current API version is 1.0. Current Ruby Gem version is 1.1.1.

Getting Started

If you haven't already, create an account at

Get your API access key from the API overview page at

We recommend checking out our Tutorials to familiarize yourself with your dashboard.

Ruby Gem

Start by downloading the most recent version of our Ruby Gem on Github or on RubyGems.

Installing Dependencies

RubyGems, Curb, and JSON. We recommend installing them with the RubyGems installer.

Note: Versions prior to Ruby 1.9 may need to import rubygems.

require 'rubygems'

Import the file. Your location may vary.

require 'leftronic'

Create a class instance with your API key. Feel free to name it whatever you'd like.

leftronic = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY"

Here are some example functions to push to your dashboard. Be sure you have configured the correct widgets to accept custom data points. Also, be sure that you have entered your API access key correctly.

Let's start with pushing a number to a widget.

update = leftronic.push_number "yourNumberStream", 14600

Now we'll push some geographic coordinates to a map widget. You can use either the U.S. or world map widgets. The first coordinate (37.8) is the latitude and the second coordinate (-122.6) is the longitude. If your request is successful, you should see a data point appear on San Francisco, California. Optionally, if you'd like to set the color of your map point simply specify that in your function call. Note: only red, blue, green, purple, and yellow colors are supported at this time. Incorrect or missing color will default to red.

update = leftronic.push_geo "yourGeoStream", 37.8, -122.6
update = leftronic.push_geo "yourGeoStream", 37.8, -122.6, :blue

Here's how you push a title and message to a text feed widget.

update = leftronic.push_text "yourTextStream", "This is my title.", "Hello World!"

A leaderboard widget requires a hash. The widget will display the hash entries sorted by value.

update = leftronic.push_leaderboard "yourBoardStream", some_hash
update = leftronic.push_leaderboard "yourBoardStream", 'Johnny' => 84, 'Jamie' => 75, 'Lance' => 62

Finally, let's push an array to a list widget.

update = leftronic.push_list "yourListStream", some_array
update = leftronic.push_list "yourListStream", 'Elizabeth', 'Marshall', 'Claire', 'Nolan'

Feedback and Issues

If you notice any bugs or other issues, submit a patch or send us a pull request. You can also send us an email at <>.
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