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Ruby Gem for the National Data Catalog API

Under heavy development.


For now, the gem will not be packaged. Instead, install it manually:

$ git clone git clone git:// 
$ cd ruby-datacatalog
$ rake check_dependencies
$ rake build
$ rake install # uses sudo
# Or, instead of the line above:
$ gem install pkg/datacatalog-0.1.0.gem


require 'rubygems'
require 'datacatalog'

DataCatalog.api_key = 'c40505247a5e308a24d70a0118f76534b543795b'

Running Specs

We're not mocking out any of the web API calls in the specs. Instead, we expect developers who wish to run the specs to download and run a local sandbox instance of the Data Catalog API, a Sinatra app:

git clone git://

Get the app running like any normal Sinatra app, so you can choose to use thin or Passenger or new hotness like Unicorn. Some special considerations:

  1. We recommend creating a sandbox entry in datacatalog-api's config.yml.
  2. Run RACK_ENV=sandbox rake db:ensure_admin in the datacatalog-api project to create a super admin for the API instance.
  3. Back here in ruby-datacatalog, use the example file in spec/ to create your own spec/sandbox_api.yml with the API key of the admin and your local URI.