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Commits on Mar 30, 2012
  1. @jyurek

    Remove .DS_Store

    jyurek authored
Commits on Feb 3, 2012
  1. @Sporky023
Commits on Nov 12, 2011
  1. @gabebw

    Use Bundler gem conventions.

    gabebw authored
    This also removes Pry.
Commits on Oct 6, 2011
  1. @jyurek

    More rbx ignoring

    jyurek authored
Commits on Aug 23, 2011
  1. @jyurek
Commits on May 11, 2011
  1. @knapo

    Add .rvmrc to gitignore

    knapo authored
Commits on Oct 26, 2010
  1. @jyurek

    A little more in the gitignore

    jyurek authored
Commits on Jul 21, 2010
  1. @jyurek
Commits on May 17, 2010
  1. @jyurek
Commits on May 10, 2009
  1. @jyurek
Commits on May 2, 2008
  1. Added a validation to validate against the content-type

    austin.bain authored
    Added tests to prove that the new validation is working.
    Added the public directory to .gitignore
    Changed the upfile content_type code to assign txt files to text/plain mime type
Commits on Apr 18, 2008
  1. @mvanholstyn

    Ignore emacs backup files

    mvanholstyn authored
  2. @jyurek
Commits on Apr 16, 2008
  1. Added .gitignore files to root and test

    jyurek authored
    git-svn-id: 7bbfaf0e-4d1d-0410-9690-a8bb5f8ef2aa
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