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A web crawler written in Go.


The webcrawler uses Redis, to store results. Please install it and ensure it is running before starting.

Install command line tool, weblconsole, and the web server, weblui, using the "go get" command:

go get github.com/aforward/webl/weblconsole
go get github.com/aforward/webl/weblui

The the installation

cd $GOPATH/src
go test github.com/aforward/webl/api

Now install it

cd $GOPATH/src
go install github.com/aforward/webl/weblconsole
go install github.com/aforward/webl/weblui

You should see an application in your bin directory

ls -la $GOPATH/bin | grep webl

Command Line

From the command line you can

weblconsole -url=a4word.com -verbose

You can start the webserver using

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/aforward/webl/weblui

You can now crawl websites through the UI


  • Review code, extract additional tests
  • Create docker deployment
  • Adding the ability to manage multiple crawls over a domain and provide a diff of the results.
  • Adding security to prevent abuse from crawling too often.
  • Improve visualization based on how best to use the data (e.g. broken links, unused assets, etc). This will most likely involve an improved data store (like Postgres) to allow for reaching searching.
  • Improved sitemap.xml generation to grab other fields like priority, last modified, etc.
  • Improved resource meta-data like title, and keywords, as well as taking thumbnails of the webpage.
  • Improved link identification by analyzing JS and CSS for urls.