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GitHub Updater Translations

Official Language Pack Repository for GitHub Updater plugin

Translators, please make PRs here. You only need to submit PRs for the .po/.mo files. Thanks.

Uses Language_Pack_Maker installed via composer to create a directory of zip archives of translation .mo/.po files and a language-pack.json file containing data to pass to GitHub Updater.

The format of the generated JSON file is as follows.

    "translations": [
        "type": "(plugin|theme) from GitHub Updater",
        "slug": "{$slug}",
        "language": "en_US",
        "version": "from GitHub Updater",
        "updated": "PO-Revision-Date from .po file header",
        "package": "/packages/",
        "autoupdate": "1"

The update transient expects the $transient->translations in the following format.

$transient->translations( array(
	0 => array(
		'type'       => 'plugin',
		'slug'       => 'akismet',
		'language'   => 'de_CH',
		'version'    => '3.1.11',
		'updated'    => '2016-05-12 18:04:38',
		'package'    => '',
		'autoupdate' => 1,

) );

GitHub Updater merges the correlative plugin or theme data with the data retrieved from the language-pack.json to add data to the update transient.

To utilize the Language Pack Creator, you will need to open http://localhost/my-translation-repo/vendor/afragen/language-pack-maker/index.php in localhost. This will create the necessary zipfiles and language-pack.json.