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A-Frame Inspector

A visual inspector tool for A-Frame scenes. Just hit <ctrl> + <alt> + i on any A-Frame scene to open up the Inspector.

Also check out:

Inspector Preview

Using the Inspector

Keyboard Shortcut

A-Frame comes with a keyboard shortcut to inject the inspector. Just open up any A-Frame scene (running at least A-Frame v0.3.0) and press <ctrl> + <alt> + i to inject the inspector, just like you would use a DOM inspector:

Specifying Inspector Build

This is done with the inspector component. By default, this is set on the scene already. If we want, we can specify a specific build of the Inspector to inject by passing a URL. For debugging:

<a-scene inspector="url: http://localhost:3333/dist/aframe-inspector.js">
  <!-- Scene... -->

To use the master branch of the Inspector:

<a-scene inspector="url:">

Local Development

git clone
cd aframe-inspector
npm install
npm start

Then navigate to http://localhost:3333/examples/