Single Property Schema results in NaN for value #2059

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Using the Component docs, I created a single property schema as follows:

AFRAME.registerComponent('single-property-schema-bug', {
// This component can be used multiple times
multiple: true,
// Allow material-side-modifier component a single property schema, of type int, defaulting to 2
schema: { default: 2 },
init: function () {
console.log("Inside of init() of single-property-schema-bug");
var side =; //should be 2, the default value
console.log("The value of is ",; //why isn't this reporting properly?
console.log("The value of var side is ", side); //why isn't this reporting properly?

This resulted in the following output in my JavaScript console:

Inside of init() of single-property-schema-bug
build.js:87663 The value of is NaN
build.js:87664 The value of var side is NaN

  • A-Frame Version: 0.3.2
  • Platform/Device: Mac Book Pro, running Chrome, macOS 10.12.1 (16B2555)
  • Reproducible Code Snippet or Demo URL [highly encouraged]:

Demo url:
Source (html):
Source (js);

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