A-Frame Builds

To include these builds, you can download and serve them locally.

To include the latest master build from a CDN, include the script below from the rawgit CDN:

    <script src=""></script>
      <!-- ... -->

Release Builds

These builds are available via<filename> where x.x.x is the latest stable version.

  • aframe-vx.x.x.min.js - Minified production build, recommended.
  • - Source maps for minified production build.
  • aframe-vx.x.x.js - Unminified build, for development or debugging.
  • - Source maps for unminified build.

Master Builds

These master builds are unstable bleeding-edge unstable builds that contain newer fixes or features from the master branch on GitHub, but may contain regressions or breaking changes.

If you're pointing to these builds via the rawgit CDN, we recommend locking it down to a commit hash rather than pointing directly at master such that your scene does not break unexpectedly.