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This is an example for a test run with the jmeter-maven-plugin.
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… more properties can be overwritten with Java System Properties


This is an example project for running a JMeter test with the JMeter Maven Plugin and the JMeter Analysis Maven Plugin out of the box.

It runs a JMeter test against a few URLs on and illustrates how the maven plugin can be used to run with different configurations, for example a "warmup" and a "real" test.

Included is a JMeter Testplan test.jmx that supports 4 distinct threadgroups which can be configured individually.

Look at the included files for further information, the pom.xml is fully commented, and the JMeter Testplan test.jmx as well.


  • Execute mvn verify -Pperformance
  • look in target/jmeter/report/ for the JMeter results file
  • look in target/reports/ for the Report generated by the JMeter Analysis Maven Plugin

URL lists

The URLs in the file urls.txt have to be relative to the hostname.

You could use a website crawler/broken link checker to generate a URL list for your test content. Possible tools:


Part of the development of this workspace is sponsored by CoreMedia

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