Integration test for the jmeter-maven-plugin
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Integration test for the jmeter-maven-plugin.

The Maven Verifier is used to run the test. It contains a pom.xml with a full configuration for the JMeter Maven Plugin.

At the beginning the test, a Jetty HTTP Server is started, and a dummy webapp with an index.html is deployed. After that, the JMeter testplan test.jmx requests the index.html 10 times. After the JMeter test ends, the Jetty server is shut down again.

Maven Verifier then checks whether

  • the plugin was executed successfully
  • the maven log shows any ERRORS
  • the maven log contains text that indicates that the jmeter-maven-plugin finished correctly
  • that all files listed in expected-results.txt are present afterwards

if any of the above is negative, the test fails.

In order to make version, dependency and plugin management as easy as possible, both the jmeter-maven-plugin-it module and the enclosed jmeter-maven-plugin-it-run module (the module that runs the actual test) inherit from jmeter-maven-plugin-it-parent.


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