Code for web scraping (Catalan Government's website), uploading the obtained data to a personally-owned database and using it for a social network style website.
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Mercat Catala

Set of scripts for parsing, saving (web scraping) and uploading to a personally-owned database all the cultural events listed in the Catalan Government's website Also, once we have all that data, use it in a social network style website (intended to be named for editing, commenting, liking/disliking, etc. the events among the website users. The project was submitted as an ending to a set of technical courses that occur in Spain between High School and College.

  • Languages and techniques used: PHP, Javascript, Ajax, SQL, HTML, CSS
  • Libraries used:, Snoopy

A fairly detailed description of the code structure can be found at Memòria_escrita.pdf, although it's in Catalan.

Also, a document (in Catalan) showing the necessary steps to follow in order to set up the project into your own web server, can be found at LLEGEIX-ME.txt

Screenshot of the source website from which I'm web scraping the content (

List of events Gencat

Some screenshots of my website:

  • Home page Home page

  • Showing list of events Showing list of events

  • Sign up page Sign up page

  • Modifying an event Modifying an event