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A program to find optimal solutions to investment problems involving options with profits of the form:

profit(n) = interest * n + bonus, n in [min, max]

The default method used is a dynamic programming solution, but other methods are available through the -m, --method option.

See for more information and background about this topic.


Use cargo to build:

$ cargo build --release


Use cargo:

$ cargo run --release -- [options]

or after building you can invoke directly with:

$ build/target/release/invest [options]


-n, --amount <amount>

[Required] The amount to solve the problem for.

-o, --opt-file <optfile> [required]

[Required] A file containing the problem options. Each line is an option of the form: "name min max interest bonus".

-i, --interest-factor <interest_factor>

A factor to multiply the options' interests by [default: 1.0].

-m, --method <method>

The method to use to solve the problem [default: dp-iterative-optimized] [possible values: brute-force, overlapping-subproblems, optimal-substructure, dp-recursive, dp-recursive- optimized, dp-iterative-optimized, greedy].


$ cat example.opts
opt1 50 99 0.01 0.5
opt2 100 299 0.011 1
opt3 300 499 0.016 2.2
opt4 500 999 0.018 2.5
opt5 1000 1999 0.02 4
$ invest -n 1720 -o example.opts
opt5: 1020
opt3: 300
opt3: 300
opt2: 100
Value: 40.50000000000001
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