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This workshop encompasses the idea of intersecting science and art through e-textiles and wearables, by creating handmade technological artefacts that can sense electromagnetic fields.

Workshop given by Afroditi Psarra and Martin De Bie during the eTextile summer camp 2016

After a presentation of references projects and technologies that we will use, the participants will experiment with two different circuits. One acts as an amplifier that can pick up LF transmissions and make them audible (1) and the other, ATtiny-based detector, provides sonic, haptic and visual feedback of the picked-up interference (2). Furthermore the participants will engage on prototyping their own hand-crafted antennas using their desired crafting technique – embroidery, crochet, knitting etc. The creation of these unique artefacts will permit the participants to immerse their bodies to their surroundings through a playful exploration of art, tradition, science and technology.