A simplified version of Clue for a class at JHU
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A simplified version of Clue by Hasbro for a class project at JHU. Here's what it looks like:

Built using


# Install server requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

# Build the SPA
cd client
npm install
bower install

Running the app

You'll need to run both the Python server and the frontend SPA (in client/dist)

For the former,

python server.py

For the latter, I use http-server

hs client/dist

Now navigate to localhost:8080 to see the game.


  • Use REST calls to mutate game state.
  • Use websockets to send state to connected players.
    • Board state is sent via board:state
    • Game log is sent via board:logs
    • Player data is sent via board:playerdata
  • Adding a player will return a JSON object that contains the player's token. This is to be used for all interactions detailed in the API section.
  • If BoardService is initialized with test_mode=True, player tokens are not UUIDs but simply "a" through "f", in order of player addition.


The REST API is built using game.service which wraps game.engine. A valid

  • <suspect> is one of scarlet, mustard, white, green, peacock, plum
  • <weapon> is one of rope, knife, lead_pipe, wrench, revolver, candlestick
  • <space> is either a
    • room: study, hall, lounge, library, billiard_room, dining_room, conservatory, ballroom, kitchen
    • or a hallway: study_to_hall, hall_to_lounge, study_to_library, hall_to_billiard, lounge_to_dining, library_to_billiard, billiard_to_dining, library_to_conservatory, billiard_to_ballroom, dining_to_kitchen, conservatory_to_ballroom, ballroom_to_kitchen

Add a Player

POST /api/players
Content-Type: application/json

    "name": "<String>",
    "suspect": "<suspect>"

See Board State

GET /api

See Game Log

GET /api/logs

See Board Metadata

GET /api/meta

See Confidential File

GET /api/confidential_file

Move Player

PUT /api/move
Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "<player token>",
    "space": "<space>"

Make Suggestion

PUT /api/suggest
Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "<player token>",
    "weapon": "<weapon>",
    "suspect": "<suspect>"

Make Accusation

PUT /api/accuse
Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "<player token>",
    "weapon": "<weapon>",
    "suspect": "<suspect>",
    "space": "<space>"

End Turn

PUT /api/end_turn
Content-Type: application/json

    "token": "<player token>"


Nikhil Anand mail@nikhil.io

Image Sources

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