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Pubmed wordcloud
Wordcloud with search results from Pubmed

{% include JB/setup %}

A friend asked me recently to make a wordcloud with publications that arise when searching Pubmed for a particular term.

My implementation uses NCBI's eutils to search for the term and retrieve pubmed ids, which I in a second step query NCBI with. I chose to use the publication titles to cound word frequencies and build the wordcloud after removing common words (e.g. articles).

{% gist 6ec23ce2d0317a160e8f %}

Since there are a few free online tools to actually draw the tool (e.g. I didn't bother implementing that, but I did searched and there are a few interesting Python modules to do that as well (amueller/word_cloud seemed quite feature-complete, for example).

LCMV wordcloud

(Some common words removed on request (virus, etc...))

lcmv wordcloud