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base: 372030d4ef
head fork: afresh1/OpenBSDTorrents
compare: 2ec11ea159
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Commits on Sep 03, 2012
@afresh1 Add the WIP OpenBSDtracker
A Mojolicious::Lite app that will talk to the new opentracker tracker
to provide stats and downloads.  So far it doesn't do much of that.
Commits on Sep 08, 2012
@afresh1 A lot of work to get get details showing like I want.
So far it works much like what I want. It needs some additional work on styling and a lot of cleanup but I believe the general idea is good.
Commits on Sep 09, 2012
@afresh1 Use Net::BitTorrent::File instead of BT::MetaInfo
It's available on the CPAN even if old and busted.  I'll see if I can get the
patches upstream or if I need to write my own module of some sort.
@afresh1 perltidy
So many tabs!
@afresh1 Better handling of isos
We don't need to wait on those, add them immediately
@afresh1 Standardize the path to be rooted where we want it
That way we don't have any problems with wondering where it is rooted later.
@afresh1 Give ISOs a better name with a hardlink
That should make stuff work better.
@afresh1 Move SeedTorrents to its own file
No reason the seeder needs to be on the same machine.  The new SeedTorrents
manager doesn't actually work but that will have to come later.
@afresh1 Convert to Net::BitTorrent::File
Not as good as BT::MetaInfo but exists on the CPAN
@afresh1 Strip off any non word characters from the begining of the name
That way the name doesn't start with underscores even if we pass a file like
@afresh1 Start in ./ not ./OpenBSD so we get the specially named isos b0b4ad0
@afresh1 Find the path to the file for isos
We can pull it out of the name rather than the comment

Although I suppose I should figure out why it doesn't seem to be in the comment.
Commits on Oct 14, 2012
@afresh1 Move the special naming of torrents to MakeTorrents from NewTorrents
This way if we somehow missed one, the full regen will find it.  Re-linking multiple times won't really hurt.
@afresh1 Use the `mktorrent` command line torrent creator
It's faster to have a C app do it and that way it is up to someone
else to get it right.

We no longer need the multiple file formatted torrent for single
files so this makes it much simpler.
@afresh1 Dump the info about current torrents out to a json file
for the web interface
@afresh1 Moved the torrents.json file bc550a7
@afresh1 Output the whitelist for OpenTracker
It's a simple file, but we need to generate it.
@afresh1 Change fewer things to underscores in torrent names
Makes it easier to turn the name back into the file we are downloading
@afresh1 We no longer use the cur_torrents dir or seed from there
Instead we just directly use the torrents dir.  # Please enter the commit message for your changes. Lines starting
@afresh1 Seeding and Tracking on the same host so no need to sync b311158
@afresh1 Exclude everything by default
just whitelist the few things we actually want to seed.

Probably this list will increase because I will want some sets local
to install myself but for now, just the basics.
@afresh1 Move torrent stats into a helper
Just to make stuff cleaner.
@afresh1 Split the details into its own page
It is included where it was, but you can also link there.

Not that there are any links yet but there could be.
@afresh1 Get rid of some cruft 7d6142c
@afresh1 Being unable to connect to the tracker isn't fatal
Although there should be some indication I'm not sure what yet.
@afresh1 link to the torrent whenever we know what it is
Just show the hash if we don't.  Makes more sense, when it comes back up,
they can start downloading.
@afresh1 No more looking for a new home 58637f3
@afresh1 Fixup some of the notes
Needs more decisions on what content we are going to keep and some fixing
of the rss stuff.
@afresh1 Make /torrents the canonical url but render / as html
That way we can have handy things like /torrents.rss or /torrents.json

And /torrents.json works already!
@afresh1 Put torrent details under /detail/$hash
That way it doesn't try to match random base urls
@afresh1 Make torrents with a better name and comment
Use the name that we generated, it is less surprising for people
who will be downloading and really "what we want"
@afresh1 Keep track of the name of the torrent associated with this hash
And use it to link to the download.
@afresh1 Sort torrent list by what makes sense c7f3807
@afresh1 Add a web seed/url-list to allow that since I have it available
That way if the seeder fails it will at least work.

Not all clients support web seeds so we still need the seeder but at least it works.
@afresh1 use "content" instead of "content_for"
because content_for ammends and we don't want that feature.
@afresh1 Some special cases for non-production sites 9f77fb6
@afresh1 Make it a bit more generic so "anyone" can seed torrents
It should work for pretty much anyone which is nice.

It doesn't keep track of torrents IT added so it does just remove
any unrecognized torrents but for me that works.
@afresh1 Some cleanup of the HTML to hide things we don't use and fix links 4e34343
@afresh1 Cleanup an unitialized error
It was throwing the error annoyingly so stop it.
@afresh1 Limit where we look for file to make torrents from
Make sure we only look in the correct dir.  I am now creating matching files
in directories and I don't want to process them twice.
@afresh1 Better names for the OpenBSD song torrents
Since I'm getting rid of the matching directory structure anyway,
may as well go all the way.
@afresh1 Sync the opentracker whitelist
Does require a sudo command but better than other options.
@afresh1 content default helper builds a *static* bit compiled template
and only the first time you call it.  So, we want a block.
@afresh1 comment out the RSS link until we get RSS feeds
Someday soon I hope, but working is more important so far.
@afresh1 Show a description of the song torrents. f7db97f
@afresh1 Don't show torrents that aren't in the file and aren't seeded 2ec11ea
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