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use strict;
use warnings;
require 'rt-ticket-importer';
# Somehow I lost the people attached to some of my tickets
# Fortunately I had a backup where they existed but now I need to merge them
# This only works because I imported my tickets into a clean system
# so they got the same ticket ID
my $directory = 'old_tickets';
opendir my $dh, $directory or die $!;
my @files = map {"$directory/$_"}
sort grep { $_ =~ /Ticket_\d+\.xml$/i } readdir $dh;
closedir $dh;
foreach my $file (@files) {
warn "Converting $file\n";
my $ticket = RT::Importer::read_file($file);
sub FixTicket {
my ($ticket) = @_;
my %t = RT::Importer::_pick_apart($ticket);
my $ticketObj = new RT::Ticket($RT::SystemUser);
$ticketObj->Load($t{id}) or return;
foreach my $type (qw( Requestor Cc AdminCc )) {
next unless $t{$type};
my $method = $type . 'Addresses';
my $users = $ticketObj->$method;
next if $users; # Don't change what we already have
foreach my $id ( @{ $t{$type} } ) {
Type => $type,
PrincipalId => $id,
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