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Downloading R-Instat

Download R-Instat from this link:

R-Instat is currently a Windows only software for Windows 7 or later. Mac and Linux users could use R-Instat through a virtual Windows machines.

R-Instat Prerequisites

The full installer of R-Instat also includes the following required software:

  1. .NET Framework minimum version 4.6

  2. R minimum version 3.4.4

If you already have these software installed, the installer should detect them, otherwise it will install them automatically for you. No internet connection is required during the entire installation because they are all bundled in the installer.

Step by step installation

  1. Browse to where you have saved the R-Instat installer

  2. Right click and then click Open to run it

  3. If the software determines that you are lacking any of the prerequisites mentioned above, it will prompt you to install them. Otherwise it will go straight to installing R-Instat (go to step 14). If prerequisites are missing, the following dialog box will appear. Click Next to continue.

Fig. 1 Welcome Prerequisites
  1. The following dialog, Fig. 2, shows the prerequisites that need to be installed. (In Fig. 2 we no longer install Rtools automatically) In the case displayed below, none of the prerequisites were detected so they have been checked to be installed. We do not recommended changing the default check boxes. Click Next to start installing the checked prerequisites.
Fig. 2: Prerequisites Install

Installing Microsoft .NET Framework.

  1. The installer will extract the Microsoft .NET Framework files to be installed. At the end of the procedure, a dialog will be displayed (see below). Check the I have read and accept the licence terms option, and then click Install. At the end of the installation, click on Finish. The installer will then start installing the next prerequisites if any, in our case: R for Windows 3.4.4.
Fig. 3: Net framework

Installing R for Windows 3.4.4

  1. You will be first asked to choose the language you wish to use during the installation. Select your preferred language and then click OK
Fig. 4: Language
  1. Click Next on the following dialog
Fig.5: Welcome to R
  1. The following dialog then displays the license, which you accept by clicking Next
Fig. 6: R licence
  1. Then click Next again on the following dialog to accept the default path for R installation
Fig. 7: R location
  1. The subsequent dialog shows user installation options. Click Next without changing any settings as all the displayed components are necessary for R-Instat to run. Warning : If you do not select all at this stage, R-Instat will not run.
Fig. 8: Installation options
  1. On the Startup Options dialog, either accept defaults or choose to customise. We recommend accepting the defaults in most cases. Then click Next.
Fig. 9: Startup
  1. Again, we recommend leaving all the default settings on the Select Start Menu Folder dialog and clicking Next
Fig. 10: Start Menu
  1. On the Select Additional Tasks dialog shown below, you can choose which shortcuts to create. Save version number in registry must be checked for R-Instat to run. Click Next. This will then run an installation of R for Windows 3.4.1, at the end of which you click on Finish.

Installing R-Instat

14. The first dialog to be displayed will be a welcome dialog. Click Next to proceed.

Fig. 11: Welcome to R-Instat
  1. On the Select Installation Folder dialog, we recommend leaving the default path and clicking Next.
Fig.12: Select Installation
  1. Finally, click Install when you reach the Ready to Install dialog shown below. Click Yes if a pop up appears to allow the installation to proceed. Click on Finish after completion of the installation.
Fig. 13: Install R-Instat

After a successful installation, you should be able to see a new icon on your desktop with the name R-Instat 0.4.16 as well as a folder named R-Instat 0.4.16 from the main menu. There is another document which shows how to get started running R-Instat for the first time!

Running R-Instat for the first time

Once you have installed R-Instat, it is time to open it!

When R-Instat runs for the very first time, if you have not used R before, or an updated version has been installed, you may see the message box asking:

"Would you like to use a personal library instead?". Click Yes for the software to proceed to install the required R packages onto your computer into a folder in your documents.

If you do not see this message box (and no errors appear) then you can assume the R packages installed correctly as it is likely you already had the necessary folder structures.

Fig. 14: Open R-Instat

When a command takes longer to run (in this case installing packages), you will see the "Sorry for the wait" dialog box (below), just to let you know R-Instat is still running and hasn’t frozen.

Fig. 15: Sorry Wait

After clicking Yes, another message box may appear saying:

"Would you like to create a personal library". Click Yes again to allow R to install packages to the specified folder.

Fig. 16: Personal Lib

The very first time you use R-Instat this may take several minutes, as many R packages will be installed. Please be patient! After your first use, this will be much faster as packages will already be installed.

Once the waiting dialog has disappeared you are ready to start using R-Instat!

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