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;; Required selectors for extracting
;; data from assumed data structures.
(defn car [x] (first x))
(defn cdr [x] (rest x))
(defn cadr [x] (car (cdr x)))
(defn caddr [x] (car (cdr (cdr x))))
;; In our application pair is a:
;; '(+ 1 2)
(defn pair? [x] (= (count x) 3))
;; Basic predicates.
(defn variable? [x]
(symbol? x))
(defn same-variable? [v1 v2]
(and (variable? v1) (variable? v2) (= v1 v2)))
(defn =number? [exp num]
(and (number? exp) (= exp num)))
;; Custom constructors for sum and product.
(defn make-sum [a1 a2]
(cond (=number? a1 0) a2
(=number? a2 0) a1
(and (number? a1) (number? a2)) (+ a1 a2)
:else (list '+ a1 a2)))
(defn make-product [m1 m2]
(cond (or (=number? m1 0) (=number? m2 0)) 0
(=number? m1 1) m2
(=number? m2 1) m1
(and (number? m1) (number? m2)) (* m1 m2)
:else (list '* m1 m2)))
;; Predicate which detects sum.
(defn sum? [x]
(and (pair? x) (= (car x) '+)))
;; Selectors for addition.
(defn addend [s]
(cadr s))
(defn augend [s]
(caddr s))
;; Custom predicate which detects product.
(defn product? [x]
(and (pair? x) (= (car x) '*)))
;; Selectors for multiplication.
(defn multiplier [p]
(cadr p))
(defn multiplicand [p]
(caddr p))
;; Actual algorithm for symbolic derivation.
;; Please note how declarative this approach is,
;; how recursion actually helps to handle subsequent
;; cases and where the simplification mechanism is.
(defn deriv [exp var]
(cond (number? exp)
(variable? exp)
(if (same-variable? exp var) 1 0)
(sum? exp)
(make-sum (deriv (addend exp) var)
(deriv (augend exp) var))
(product? exp)
(make-product (multiplier exp)
(deriv (multiplicand exp) var))
(make-product (deriv (multiplier exp) var)
(multiplicand exp)))
:else (assert false "Unknown expression type.")))
(println (deriv '(+ x 3) 'x))
(println (deriv '(* x y) 'x))
(println (deriv '(* (* x y) (+ x 3)) 'x))