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;; Representing infinite stream of numbers with lazy sequences in clojure.
;; Thanks to the `lazy-seq` macro, we are not evaluating whole expression
;; but we are deferring execution until it is necessary.
;; Thanks to that in examples below we are calculating only 10 numbers
;; from an infinite stream.
;; One more remark - it is not necessary to create `delay` and `force`
;; because Clojure already has facilities for that (`lazy-seq` is only
;; an example - I have in mind e.g. `promise` and `future`).
(defn integers-from [n]
(cons n (lazy-seq (integers-from (inc n)))))
(def integers (integers-from 1))
(defn divisible? [x y]
(= (rem x y) 0))
(defn no-sevens []
(filter #(not (divisible? % 7)) integers))
(println (take 10 integers))
(println (take 10 (no-sevens)))
;; Infinite stream of Fibonacci numbers.
(defn fib [a b]
(cons a (lazy-seq (fib b (+ a b)))))
(println (take 10 (fib 0 1)))
;; Algorithm of Eratosthenes Sieve.
(defn sieve [stream]
(cons (first stream)
(lazy-seq (sieve (filter #(not (divisible? % (first stream)))
(rest stream))))))
;; Infinite stream of prime numbers.
(def primes (sieve (integers-from 2)))
(println (take 10 primes))