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Here for public view. Can look through the old stuff for a look into my thoughts through coding. Maybe?

If you didn't get here from my portfolio, I wonder why you are here.


Whether I am doing pixel art, websites, rearranging my room, there is always an urge to redo things. My own self assessment of my constant growth. I do this with some of my pixel art, so why not do it with my portfolio? I've already lost enough to the ether. Don't really need to worry about that since it's on GitHub.


Current. What was the last one? It's been going on for long enough that I've lost some. Oh well.

  • Redone with the vast majority of the positioning done via grid and flexbox.

  • Removed CRT animations because they can't be run smoothly on lower powered machines. Special thanks to my second hand, Mac Book Pro circa 2007 with Ubuntu installed. You tried really hard.

    Luckily is goes faster and I now know how to do CSS3-esque keyframes in anime.js. So that's a plus.

  • Also changed the typeface to Inter. I'm really liking it and changed my desktop and phone to the font as well. It's really good.

  • Cleaned up Javascript: including the utility select function that took way longer to get right than expected. *shakes fist at call & overthinking*

  • Logo was designed to bring one of my most distinct feature: my under eye bags!
  • Use pixel art.
  • Slightly jarring colors.
  • Small tinkering with grid.
  • Mostly absolute positioning goofs.
  • More of a creative dump to see if I can mash together my favorite colors and pixel art into a website.
  • Was originally going to use WebGL for animation. Didn't work out.
  • Went with an even more minimalist approach. White background with a desaturated burgundy.
  • Logo was based off of Persona 5's UX. If you don't know about it, look it up. It's of prodigious quality. 11 on 10. Would recommend.
  • Lighter colors to go with some good professional milestones.
  • Kept scribble logo since I felt I was still lost in the sea that is front-end development.
  • Dark.
  • Generic laptop background.
  • Scribbled logo was meant to convey lost and confusion.
Prior to v.03370.72
  • Lost to the ether.
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