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File metadata and controls

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Follow these steps to add an event -

Step 1

Fork the repository and then clone it locally -

git clone<username>/test-jekyll

Step 2

Make a markdown file under "_posts" directory with the following naming convention - <YYYY-MM-DD-Title.markdown> example - cd test-jekyll touch _posts/2021-07-09-Xconf-2021.markdown

Step 3

Copy the contents of the file and fill the details using these variable.

Step 4

Commit the changes to a new branch [name it by the name of your event]

git checkout -b <your-event-name>
git add <files>
git commit -m <message>

Step 5

Push the code

git remote add origin<username>/test-jekyll.git
git push origin

Step 6

Create a Pull Request