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Table of Contents plugin for Telligent Community
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#Table of Contents plugin for Telligent Community

The Table of Contents plugin allows you to automatically generate a table of contents for a wiki page, blog post, forum post or media file.

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##Using the plugin

When authoring a long article insert the text "[toc]" (without the quotes) towards the top of your article. This will be replaced by an automatically generated table of contents when users view your content.

To tell the addon how to generate the table of contents, you should use the rich text editor to format the headings in your article to use the "Heading 2","Heading 3" etc. formats.


Download the compiled dll from , and copy it into the bin directory of your community website, and the Job Server. You'll then need to enable the plugin in the community control panel.

##Building Source Code

  1. In the root of the project, Create a TelligentEvolutionBinaries directory
  2. Copy the binaries from the /bin/ directory of your Telligent Community into the directory you just created
  3. Open up Visual Studio and build the solution.
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