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My solution for project HTML/CSS at the Odin Project
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My implementation for Project HTML/CSS at the Odin Project - Cloning the layout of Google's Search Results Page


This is an implementation of the second, 'difficult' version, mentioned at Odin: Cloning the look (positional layout) of the Google Search Results Page.

There was a couple of interesting decisions to be made. I decided to go for what it looks like when nobody is logged in, and I also wanted to recreate as much of the hover effects as possible.

"Why not also implement the actual search??", I thought! It's probably just a simple API call.

Some research showed Google has a deprecated Web Search API that they still support. Initially it seemed like a good choice because of its simple interface and no need for API key. It turns out though that it embeds it's own UI widgets, so that made it useless.

The Google Custom Search API is what you're suppposed to use these days anyway. It allows indexing and searching on your own site, but also you can make calls to search the whole web. So I implemented basic search functionality for kicks, but the downside is the requirement of an API key in line 16 of my googleSearch.html. I will not be checking in my API key to this public repo; you can image why!

So... no live demo of this puppy, but if you want to make it work, all it takes is to get your own API key here, and pop it in as mentioned above.

Here is a snapshot of the Google results page :

Google's Search

Here is my version with same search string :

My Search

There are a bunch of interesting little differences. The most glaring is that Google's search page builds a footer after you run the search, and also puts images and/or ads in a right column... I'm not trying to go there!

Bugs / Inconsistencies with Google's page:

  • Hover over #search-controls input doesnt work, because hover on search button was triggering it when I had the :hover on #search-controls so i chose to put the hover on the search button in the css.

  • When browsers size is between 856px and 1010px, the Apps-Grid button & Sign-in buttons are too far to the right. C'est la vie.

  • Web links red underline is too short.

  • Category links show up even if no search has been done!

  • More link's triangle should register the mouse-over, not the 'More' text itself!!

  • Search Button doesn't do anything. Have to hit return to kick-off a search.

  • Real Search results adds a footer, I dont.

  • Redirection to search results page reload results in empty Search input field!

  • Hovering over cog button doesn't change opacity of cog image; it should.

  • .gsc-control-cse is not responding to my settings, causing too low spacing on search results

  • Google's results are certainly a combo of more things than a straight call to the API like I'm making. Therefore their real results definitely differ - sometimes dramatically, sometimes not.

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