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A Grep bundle for textmate.
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Grep Textmate Bundle

How have you done grep in mac? I had executed grep command in terminal. This way made me so frustrated. Every time I executed command, I was disappointed that textmate don't provide better way to grep than Find in Project. I think that both of this two ways are awkward compared with sakura editor. So inspired by sakura editor, I decided to make up how to grep using bundle that textmate provides. I hope that this bundle would help you.


To grep, execute Filter Through Command... which is in Text menu, and then set Selection in the input radio box, Create New Document in the output radio box and following command in the command input field.

grep -irn "search word" ~/path/to/the/project/dir

If you would get result like following, this bundle works good.

/Users/{#name}/Desktop/Grep.tmbundle/info.plist:<plist version="1.0">

Focus on the line, and run command + enter. The file that you want is opened.


  • When you set the grep command, you has to use absolute path. If you use relational path, this bundle will not work.
  • If you would save result, please save with no extension.
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