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Introduction: The view rules

Ever since I’ve heard of the MVC pattern, I have a feeling that it is a bit lengthy for non-technical users. The pattern surely helps us programmers a lot. But what about Bob, an talented web designer who can write only in HTML, CSS (and some jQuery)? All he can do is editing templates, whether they are called templates or “the view”. The model and controller are still kludges to him. Scaffolds we made are no match for Bob’s design.

What if the model can be defined in the view, by the designer himself? like:

    $(name text 1..32)
    $(rating select good,neutral,bad)

In many cases, the controller falls within one of conventional workflows, such like a blog, contact, forum, registry, etc. So we can throw a typical preset controller in the view, too:

<ul class="app-survey">
    $(name text 1..32)
    $(rating select good,neutral,bad)

Now Bob can simply put that HTML file in the “skin” directory, and the new app is already there running with a full validation and workflow. He does not have to ask his lazy programmer to add “marvelous” to the rating options (and waste a whole day waiting for a reply), he can do it himself:

    $(rating select marvelous,good,neutral,bad)

or add another field on the fly:

    $(comment textarea 40*5 1..1000)

Bike creates a full-featured app by only a view, a HTML file. It’s for Bob, who can or can’t code.



  • Summarize item values of apps (count, average, min and max)
  • Storage::Sequel should be more efficient
  • Cache (meta informations from htmls / HTTP responses)
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