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Useful script that helps to leave bnw
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# bnwquit
Useful script that helps to leave bnw
Script can create local backup of all posts and comments and delete them

git clone
cd bnwquit
npm install

1) edit bnwquit.js and configure:
var CONFIG = {
	jid: '', // jabber id that is linked to bnw account
	password: '', // jabber password
	user: '', // name of your bnw user
	download_posts: true, // if true, will create bnw.json file with all posts and comments of specified user
	remove_posts: false, // if true, will remove all posts after downloading ( or without downloading if download_posts is false )
2) save
3) node bnwquit.js
  * it's recommended to avoid any bnw actions ( especially via bot ) during operation of this script, it may take several minutes but you will see progress in console log
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