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Email address completion using goobook

This is a vim plugin to support email address completion by making use of goobook to query Google Contacts for managed email addresses.

Note that this plugin is heavily based on the original gist by Matthew Horan.


For most users, the default configuration should work just fine; however, global variables can be used to change a few things here and there.

g:goobookrc can be used to tell the plugin to invoke goobook with a custom configuration file (i.e. specifying the -c flag):

let g:goobookrc = '~/.goobookrc.account1'

g:goobookprg (or its buffer variant b:goobookprg) can instead be used to tell the plugin to invoke a completely different program than goobook (of course you might want to set this to the name of a program with compatible output, like aadbook for querying Azure AD contacts):

let g:goobookprg = 'aadbook'