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michellefan and cathychi Add Permissions Framework (#43)
* created user role column

* authentication login test

* Added in initial changes for authentication

* Small changes to spelling and role declaration

* Reverse permissions

* Added reverse changes to other sections for readability

* changed unless to if for the scope in users

* deleted admin_user.rb files

* Testing

* Testing

* Testing changes

* Changing permissions for users

* Edits

* deleted admin_user.rb from models

* Modified the New User page so admins can set roles when creating new users

* Prevented users from being created with null role value

* update schema file

* removed extra roles column

* rubocop style fixes

* boolean changes in user.rb

* revert users.rb change

* now blocks access to team_switch requests, redirecting to back page

* comments on teamswitch requests

* Add dropdown to select user role when creating new user (#38)

* Modified the New User page so admins can set roles when creating new users

* Prevented users from being created with null role value

* update schema file

* removed extra roles column

* rubocop style fixes

* rubocop autocorrect

* added roles to dancer_test

* added id to dancers to force unique constraint

* added usernames to users.yml to fix unique constraint

* all dancers tests pass

* Non-admin users can no longer access team switch request page and users page (#41)

* style fixes

* redirects to dashboard  page when user tries to access team switch request

* block viewing users for directors, can't change own password if director

* Only Show Team Switch Requests/Users Buttons for Admin (#40)

* changed unless to if

* test - switched true/false for can view

* migrations

* only add to menu if user is admin

* used guard clause and fixed circleci

* hide user button for nonadmin

* style fix

avoiding guard clause

* fixed unexpected end

* indentation style fix

* extra line rubocop fix

* add question mark to users

* slight syntax
Latest commit 3aed549 Dec 16, 2018


This app manages the AFX Dance roster each semester.


Recommended editors for this repo

We support the following editors:

  • Visual Studio Code (highly recommended):
    • VSCode is highly recommended because it is reasonably fast and has a built-in terminal (even for Windows!) that works well.
    • Install on Mac: brew cask install visual-studio-code
    • Install elsewhere:
    • After you open VSCode, install either the Sublime Text Keymap or Atom Keymap extensions. (The default VSCode keymap is very different from that of the other editors.)
  • Github Atom:
    • Atom technically has support for the most features, but it is slower, and its plugins tend to be buggier.
    • Install on Mac: brew cask install atom
    • Install elsewhere:
  • Sublime Text:
    • Sublime Text is very fast and lean but its UI is limited. (For example, you have to check the status bar for linter messages.)
    • Install on Mac: brew cask install sublime-text
    • Install elsewhere:

Note: Using brew cask install is preferred on Mac, because it will also install command-line tools that let you launch the editor from your terminal.

In addition to downloading the editor, you should also install the following:

Feature VSCode extension Atom package Sublime Text package
Package manager Built-in! Built-in! Package Control
Linting framework Built-in! linter SublimeLinter
rubocop linter ruby-rubocop linter-rubocop SublimeLinter-rubocop
Ruby support ruby-symbols Built-in! Built-in!
Ruby debugger Ruby Unsupported Unsupported
Integrated terminal Built-in! Unsupported Unsupported
File commands File Utils Built-in! SideBarEnhancements

Initial setup

To set up this app for the first time:

  1. Install a Ruby environment manager. There are two popular options:
  2. Clone this repo
    • git clone <SSH URL OF THIS REPO>
    • cd roster
  3. Install Ruby 2.5.0.
    • rbenv: rbenv install 2.5.0
    • rvm: rvm install 2.5.0
  4. Install all required gems:
    1. gem install bundler
    2. rbenv rehash (if you're using rbenv)
    3. bundle install
    4. rbenv rehash (if you're using rbenv)

Database setup

You'll also need to set up the database:

rails afx:db:reset

The command explains what it does and asks for confirmation before it does anything.

You can also use this command later at any time to irreversibly clear all the data you've saved in the app and start from a clean slate. (Note: data = stuff like saved dancers, teams, etc. Code and files won't be modified.)

Running and developing the app

To edit files, open the entire repo in your editor:

  • cd ~/afxdance/roster
  • VSCode: code .
  • Atom: atom .
  • Sublime Text: subl .

To start the server:

  1. In your VSCode terminal or regular terminal, type:
    rails server (rails s for short)
  2. The app is served from http://localhost:3000/. Check out these pages:


If you're in AFX Tech Committees, make sure you've checked out afxdance/onboarding.


  1. Make a new branch off the base branch.
    • rails afx:git:make-branch
  2. Start making your changes and push periodically to your branch.
    • Use git push -u the first time you push a branch! Then you can run git pull without needing the extra arguments at the end.
  3. On GitHub, make a pull request into the base branch.
  4. You can still make changes and push to your branch! Make sure you add tests!
  5. In your PR, make sure the CI checks pass.
  6. When your feature is ready, get someone to code review the PR.
  7. According to our current process, you should ask an AFX Tech Committee Lead for a review as well.
  8. All good? Merge the PR! Thank you for your contributions!