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Data & Knowledge Engineering Group

Data & Knowledge Engineering Group - Prof. Gipp - University of Wuppertal

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  1. Overview of our project repositories. Visit for more information on our projects.


  2. Prototype of an external plagiarism detection system that combines the analysis of citations and text in academic documents to improve the identification of disguised forms of academic plagiarism

    PHP 7

  3. ImagePlag is an adaptive, scalable, and extensible image-based plagiarism detection system suitable for analyzing a wide range of image similarities.


  4. Forked from fhamborg/news-please

    news-please - an integrated web crawler and information extractor for news that just works.

    Python 1

  5. This project provides various tools for processing content MathML with Java.

    Java 2 3

  6. vmext: A Visualization Tool for Mathematical Expression Trees

    JavaScript 7 5


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