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ag-Grid Angular Component

This project contains the Angular Component for use with ag-Grid

This repository is now deprecated. Please refer to the new mono-repo location here:, with this specific Framework Project living here: ag-grid-angular.

Version 18.0.0 will be the last version in this repository. All future versions will be in the repository above.

Note: ag-grid-ng2 is now deprecated. Please ag-grid-angular going forward.

ag-grid-ng2 8.0.0 ~= ag-grid-angular 8.0.0

All releases from 8.1 onwards will released under ag-grid-angular, and hosted under

Install with Bower

$ bower install ag-grid-angular

Install with Npm

$ npm install ag-grid-angular

See for an overview and full documentation.

Frameworks Supported

Framework specific Getting Started guides:

Angular 1 | Angular 2 | Aurelia | Javascript | React | TypeScript | VueJS | Web Components

To Build

  • npm install gulp -g
  • npm install npm-install-peers -g
  • npm install
  • npm-install-peers
  • npm run build


See the for full working examples of what you can do with ag-Grid and Angular Components.