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AG-2507 Regression Testing - Column Menu Filter Item broken
AG-2506 JS version of instance status bar component example broken
AG-2505 Regression Testing - Sidebar filters broken on Pivoting examples
AG-2504 Regression Testing - improve aggregation examples
AG-2493 Regression Testing - Row Grouping Padding has increased
AG-2491 Regression Testing - Excel Export with Styles creates excel alert
AG-2490 Regression Testing - Header component example isn't working
AG-2487 Regression Testing - Polymer filter example throws an error
AG-2486 Regression Testing - Examples not rendering value 0
AG-2485 Web components example broken
AG-2483 Column Definition Example - Date Filter is misaligned
AG-2482 Vue Framework Example - skills filter throws error
AG-2481 Chrome 71 is not detected in ag-grid as Chrome
AG-2460 Fix contradiction on status bar for the keywords between average (in code) and avg (in docs)
AG-2448 Add declarative support to vue component (column defs)
AG-2447 A v-model support to vue component
AG-2445 Property 'groupSuppressBlankHeader' not getting used
AG-2442 Header text position misplaced when custom menu icons are used in certain themes
AG-2441 Skip props check of rowData when using deltaRowMode in react
AG-2439 Add support for react-redux v6
AG-2438 website - sortingOrder is not included in Column Properties documentation
AG-2436 Excel Xlsx export does not work with older versions of MS Office
AG-2434 Improve efficiency of the xlsx export to allow exporting more rows before running out of memory
AG-2420 Material theme is missing the column resizer
AG-2418 Docs - Add more documentation around how to create a valid template in master/detail
AG-2417 Issue with React 6: withRef is removed. To access the wrapped instance, use a ref on the connected component
AG-2413 XML Export, not possible to integrate with ExcelSheet + Reintroduce example in the latest docs
AG-2412 Docs - Example full row editing rich select editor values are incomplete
AG-2410 Columns - Ellipsis strange behavior when column is resized
AG-2409 docs - There is a link to ag-grid instead of ag-grid-community in the getting started
AG-2408 Example of exporting to XML and from there to SheetJs doesn’t work
AG-2407 Windows: If viewport has both scroll bars, scroll to last column, open filter, change filter. The filter window is closed automatically
AG-2406 Add ability to inject vue component dependencies
AG-2405 Convert ag-grid-vue to Typescript B
AG-2404 Add i18n support and example repo
AG-2403 Add UMD support and example repo
AG-2402 Add Router support and example repo
AG-2401 Add Vuex support and example repo
AG-2391 When using the grouping bar at the top, if grouping by a column, then removing the column, the label 'Drag here to...' dissapears
AG-2387 Status Bar - The min value in the status bar doesn't work.
AG-2384 Add Excel 2010 support to the xlsx Export
AG-2381 Charting MVP - Add Range Segmentation
AG-2380 Set filter .setFilterValues not working if provided an empty values array to the colDef
AG-2376 Server side row model - Multi auto column group, clicking on generated columns does not trigger get rows
AG-2375 Charting MVP - Spike to Integrate a simple bar chart with the grid
AG-2373 Docs - Context menu docs don't explain how to suppress the xml export option
AG-2372 While row dragging the cell above/below from where the dragging is starting appears selected
AG-2359 Investigating issues with popup editors not working anymore (ie Angular Material editors)
AG-2355 Row group + Multi Auto Column: Row group cells are indented
AG-2352 Context menu - Tool panel default item not working anymore
AG-2350 Status Bar Aggregation, Selected Rows and Total Rows Components don't work in SSRM
AG-2349 xlsx Export - Dates are not exported to native date format
AG-2346 xlsx export - Group headers don't export correctly their style when they span more than one columns
AG-2344 When using checkbox for selection and the width just fits it, an elipsis is displayed
AG-2343 Docs - React clipboard example is not logging the events from the clpboard
AG-2325 SVG icons not working in IE11
AG-2324 Add string to the floatingFilterComponent typing
AG-2319 Misagligned grids using aligned grids when only one of the grids has a vertical scroll bar
AG-2317 When pinning right, the last column will have some content hidden if the main horizontal viewport has scroll
AG-2316 Row Dragging - drag icon should be invisible rather than hidden when rowDrag = false
AG-2312 IE11: Using arrow keys to move around in the grid is broken after moving focus to an outside element
AG-2296 Change the type definition of setTimeout, setInterval, clearInterval so we avoid ambiguity on the signature
AG-2295 Server side row model - Translate column ids to original source column used for grouping when using multi auto column group
AG-2291 pinned rows not working with full width rows
AG-2290 Delta Columns - Group state not kept while using tree data
AG-2285 Tree data, using custom group column + array of strings for dataPath: Causes renderer to print full path
AG-2280 Allow event handler in Vue too support more idiomatic conventions v-on:cellClicked=“onCellClicked“ or @cellClicked=“onCellClicked“ B
AG-2279 Investigate possible memory leak/inefficiency using Vue
AG-2272 Improve Vue Dev Experience
AG-2263 Remove lag between pinned and body
AG-2253 Docs: Javascript getting started, the sets of data are inverted.
AG-2250 Keyboard Control While Editing Example - broken for frameworks
AG-2248 Custom Keyboard Navigation Example broken for frameworks
AG-2247 Accessing Data Example throwing errors
AG-2246 Custom Controls React Example Broken
AG-2239 Reset columns - Ensure Grouping is restored after reset for all Row Models
AG-2209 Automatically update Vue component params on refresh
AG-2181 Master/Detail - not rendering custom components for 'detail' table when using angularJs
AG-2149 Vue component throws warning about mutating props
AG-2129 Themes- revamp themes docs
AG-2114 React Components are rendered to the root of the DOM tree
AG-2085 Column Menu stays open when dragging Column Headers around
AG-2072 Pinned row - Position pinnedBottomRowData above the scrollbar (windows)
AG-2070 Doc change: Update theme doc links, all SASS variable and clarify the hierarchy of files
AG-2064 Sorts after transactions now delta sort
AG-2031 Website - Add more vue and other framework examples
AG-1928 Themes - Some sass overrides are non functional
AG-1891 Filters - Add a mechanism for keeping the filter menu open
AG-1858 Clipboard - Add a property to allow the default ctrl + c behaviour to include headers
AG-1789 Column Menu - Remove '[Deprecation] Using unescaped '#' characters in a data...' message
AG-626 [domLayout] Grid option domLayout set to autoHeight causes detail component to be instantiated many times