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Project showing the use of MSP430F20x3 and their SD16 ADC converter as I2C ADC
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Project using the SD16A of MSP430F2013 as an I2C ADC.

The current firmware of MSP430 enables to select between channels 0, 1 and 2, in differential or single-ended mode using continuos os single conversion.

Example: Arduino Uno/Nano controlling/reading SD16 converter

Basic Circuit: alt text

Test 01

The Arduino Nano was connected to the MSP430F2013 and to an ADS1115 to compare the results.

alt text

A reference voltage was connected to the conditioning circuit (voltage divider) and adjusted to generate the same code in both converters, as in the following figure.

alt text

The result of this test is shown below:

alt text

Test 02

Using the same circuit of Test 01, but with a signal generator connected to the analog input. On top one signal with bigger voltage, at bottom one signal with small amplitude (more susceptible to noise).

alt text


This project (software and hardware) is provided 'as is' with no explicit or implied warranties in respect of its properties, including, but not limited to, correctness and/or fitness for purpose.

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