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Complete sample show how to work with maps such Google on C# VS2012
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This is fully workable sample project on C# for Visual Studio 2012 or above. You can download and run SimpleMap.exe. Or download and compile the source code.

SimpleMap/ExampleForms/FrmMapDownloader.cs demonstrates how to download google map area as single image (GetFullMapThread function) or how to cache google map on local disk (DownloadThread function).

SimpleMap/ExampleForms/Controls/MapCtl.cs demostrates how to draw cached google map images to screen with custom objects as lines, bitmaps etc.

The problem, project solve:

Fast image(gif,png,jpg) draw to screen trhough GDI+ written pure on C# without any direct mapping to WinApi. Double buffering technology, all image changes draw into memory buffer and then changes apply to the screen. Download map images from google. Support google map coordinate system through sub classes and operators. Translate google coordinates to longitude and latitude. Translate longitude and latitude to google coordinates. Math operators support to work with coordinates. Cache google map files on disk. Download google image file cache to local storage. Save google map as one image. Base classes to draw any map layers. Spatial in-memory index with fast search by coordinates based on google map coordinate system. Spatial index tuning. Spatial index supported objects are: Point, Line, Rectangle, Poligon(patially suppoted). Sample demonstrates how You can use maps in your projects. It is absolutely free for use.


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