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Awesome Developer-First Awesome

A curated list of awesome developer-first products.
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The definition of developer-first for this repo is:

  • Developers are the target audience.
  • "Headless", "API-first", "SaaS" are frequently used keywords.
  • Usually, this means that the front page has some code examples.
  • Products - tools/services that people pay for.
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Track web/app visitors.

  • Baremetrics - Subscription analytics for Stripe.
  • Heap - Product analytics API for web and mobile, captures all events.
  • Mixpanel - Product analytics and dashboards.
  • Pirsch - Privacy-friendly web analytics with a backend integration and API.
  • Plausible - Simple, privacy-friendly, and open-source web analytics tool. Plausible
    • PoeticMetric - Privacy-first, regulation-compliant, blazingly fast analytics tool.
  • PostHog - Open-source product analytics platform. PostHog
  • Segment - Collect user data and send it to your other tools.
  • Tinybird - Real-time data streams to APIs.

Authentication & Identity

Products that handle authentication and user identity for you.

  • Aserto - Cloud-native authorization for applications and APIs.
  • Auth0 - Authentication & authorization as a service.
  • AWS cognito - AWS's authentication as a service.
  • BoxyHQ Enterprise SSO - Open-source API for enterprise SSO and Directory Sync.
  • Clerk - Authentication and user management platform for React, React Native, and Next.js.
  • Corbado - Passkey-first authentication as a service.
  • Firebase Auth - Google Firebase's take on authentication.
  • FusionAuth - Security-centric authentication as a Service, including self-hosting.
  • Hanko - Passwordless (WebAuthn API) PSD2, eIDAS, and GDPR compliant. Hanko
  • Kinde - Authentification and user management as a service.
  • LoginRadius - Managed user authentication service with SSO.
  • - Passwordless (email-based) log in as a service.
  • Okta - Embeddable authentication with SSO.
  • Ory - Open-source identity & access-control solutions (also available as a service).
  • Oso - Authorization framework (RBAC).
  • - Permissions and access-control as a service.
  • SuperTokens - Open-source and hosted email & Oauth authentication with prebuilt UI. SuperTokens
  • Userfront - Simplistic user authentication with pre-built back-office dashboard.
  • WorkOS - Enterprise SSO and more out-of-the-box enterprise features.


Automate workflows via APIs and SDKs.

  • n8n - Free and source-available fair-code licensed workflow automation tool. n8n
  • - Open-source platform to create workflows from APIs, on a schedule or on demand.


Abstract away all the backend hassles with an out-of-the-box suite of backend solutions.

  • Appwrite - End-to-end backend server for frontend and mobile developers. Appwrite
  • Supabase - Hosted and open source managed Postgres DB like Firebase. Supabase


Continuous Integration/Delivery.

  • CircleCI - YML to configure your builds, parallel jobs, jobs marketplace.
  • Depot - Drop-in replacement to build Docker images faster in CI.
  • GitLab - Open-source CI and hosted solution with Github-like abilities.
  • Gitpod - Automated cloud dev environments. Gitpod
  • Spacelift - CI/CD platform for infrastructure-as-code, currently supporting Terraform, Pulumi, AWS CloudFormation, and Kubernetes.

CMS (headless)

Backend only Content Management System, you decide on frontend and consume content via API.

  • Contentful - CMS as an API.
  • ElegantCMS - Headless CMS builder.
  • Ghost - Blog platform, can be used as headless CMS (ex. with Hexo). Ghost
  • Sanity - Headless CMS, treat content as data.
  • Strapi - Open-source headless CMS, 100% JavaScript. Strapi

Code Quality

Check your code quality.

  • Codacy - Automatic code quality checks.
  • Sonar - Lint and code quality checks.

Computer Vision

Manipulate and detect visual data.

Databases & Spreadsheets

Storing data and processing it.

  • Airtable - Database and spreadsheet hybrid with an API.
  • Apitable - API-oritented Airtable alternative.
  • CrateDB - Distributed open-source SQL database for real-time analytics. Crate
  • Neuledge - Abstract ORM with a universal schema language for any kind of database.
  • PlanetScale - Hosted managed MySQL database, CI integration & auto scaling.
  • Upstash - Serverless tailored redis provider.


Tools that help in tracking bugs.

  • Lightrun - Debug production servers using a plugin in the IDE (on-prem or SaaS) that supports Java, Node.js, and Python.
  • Linear - Issue tracking built for developers.
  • Rookout - Debug production servers via a cloud-based debugger. Supporting Java, .Net, Node.js, Python, and Ruby.

Deployment Hosting

Products that help you deploy your app/website.

  • Adaptable - Deploy apps and DBs via common templates.
  • - Full stack app hosting (including dynamo db and s3).
  • DeployBot - REST API to trigger deployments from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket.
  • Digital Ocean App Platform - Deploy and don't care about infrastructure, works with all major frameworks.
  • - Deploy dockerized full stack apps via a location-aware service (latency reduction).
  • Heroku - Deploy via CLI to scalable servers.
  • Kinsta - Deploy static sites, apps, and databases from GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket and host headless WordPress.
  • Koyeb - Serverless platform for deploying full-stack apps and APIs in minutes.
  • Netlify - Deploy JAMStack (mainly Gatsby) via CLI.
  • - Continuously deploy full-stack apps.
  • Qoddi - Git connected app hosting platform.
  • Quix - One tool to build and run event streaming applications.
  • Railway - Out-of-the-box git to deployment with auto scaling, DBs, secrets and rollbacks.
  • Render - Deploy from git to a CDN with SSL.
  • Vercel - Cloud platform for building and deploying serverless web applications, static websites, and Jamstack (mainly Next.js) projects.
  • Zeabur - One click deployment for frontend, backend and databases services.


Comments and forums.

  • Bazaarvoice - Ratings, reviews as a service.
  • Commento - Privacy centric embeddable comment system.
  • MuutIo - Tools to create a community-driven app.
  • Yotpo - Reviews ratings and Q&A as a service.


Documentation solutions.

  • Apidog - All-in-one API documentation tool, 1-click to generate API documentation from requests.
  • - API documentation and change management solution.
  • DeveloperHub - Collaborative developer documentation platform.
  • Mintlify - AI powered code documentation, IDE extension (open source). Mintlify
  • ReadMe - Personalized and dynamic developer docs.
  • Swimm - Docs that are coupled with your code, auto-synced, works with your IDE.

Environment & Secret Management

Manage environment variables and secrets for multiple apps or projects.

  • 1Password Secrets Automation - Secrets management with integration to 1Password.
  • Doppler - Environment variable management across projects, in one place.
  • Envkey - Environment management with syncing mechanism for all apps.
  • Ubiq - Encryption APIs wiht secret management.
  • Vault - API driven secret key management.

Feature Flags

Control production features with conditional flags in your code.

  • Flagsmith - Feature flags-as-a-service platform simplified.
  • GrowthBook - Open-source feature flag and experimentation platform. GrowthBook
  • LaunchDarkly - Feature flags-as-a-service platform.
  • Split - Feature flags platform with data analytics.
  • Unleash - Open-source, privacy-first, and enterprise-ready feature management solution. Unleash


Location services.

  • Mapbox - Maps and locations products for devs.
  • OpenCage - Forward and reverse geocoding API based on open data.
  • PlaceKit - Locations search API.
  • Radar - Geofencing and geo APIs.
  • SmartyStreets - US Reverse Geocoding and Address Verification APIs.


Products that extend your IDE and help development.

  • Codota - AI code completions for your IDE.
    • TabNine - Deep learning completion (part of codota).
  • Fine - Build Software with AI Agents.
  • Kite - AI assistant in your IDE (Python or JS).

Infrastructure as Code

Declare your infrastructure and reproducibly provision cloud infrastrucure from it.

  • Pulumi - Developer-first IaC with Python, TypeScript, Go and more languages...
  • Terraform - DSL, open-source and free (paid solution adds team management, policy-as-code...). Terraform


Integration management systems or products that ease integration development.

  • Apideck - Integration marketplace builder, one-API with 3rd parties for quick development.
  • Panora - Easy, flexible API to add customer-facing integrations to your SaaS product. Panora
  • Revert - Open-source unified API to build B2B product integrations. Revert
  • Sequin - Interface with third-party services using SQL.
  • Vessel - Developer-first, native integration platform for GTM tools.


Translating your product (also denoted i18n).

  • Localazy - App translation built for developers.
  • Tolgee - Developer & translator friendly web-based localization platform.


Sending emails as a service.

  • Anymail finder - Verify and find email APIs.
  • FormSpree - Receive form submissions by email.
  • - Email lead and validation APIs.
  • Imitate Email - End-to-end email testing tool.
  • Lob - Email and address verification.
  • Loops - REST API to manage contact properties, send events and transactional emails.
  • Mailgun - Send, track, and receive emails.
  • Resend - Email API to build, test, and deliver transactional emails.
  • Sendgrid - Email API.


Media APIs (optimization, CDN).

  • - APIs to generate images and PDFs from reusable templates.
  • Cloudinary - Optimize, create, manage, and deliver images and videos.
  • Dyte - Build powerful live experiences in your product with an all-in-one Video SDK.
  • Flatfile - Programmatically import data from files so it's API-ready.
  • ImageKit - Automate image optimization, transformation, and delivery.
  • imgix - Transforms, optimizes, and cache images.
  • Mux - APIs to upload, manage, and stream video.
  • Pintura - A fully configurable JavaScript image editor SDK.


Messaging APIs - SMS, notifications, chats, and VoIP.

  • Ably - Pub/sub, real-time messaging, notifications, chat, multiplayer and data synchronization.
  • Applozic - Chat SDKs, real-time messaging.
  • Knock - Notifications as a service.
  • MagicBell - Real-time notification system with API & UI components.
  • Novu - Open-source notification (Email, SMS, Direct, and Push) management. Novu
  • Stream - Feed and chat as a service.
  • Twilio - SMS, push notifications, and VoIP APIs.
  • Vonage - Video, SMS, chat, and voice APIs.


Different products that probably don't have a category.

  • Actyx - Developer-first factory building.
  • Defer - Serverless Node.js background jobs.
  • Interval - SDK to build internal tools and scripts for your product.
  • ngrok - Generate public URLs for internal servers (behind NAT/firewall).
  • Nylas - APIs for productivity workflows (email, calendar, contacts...) - like plaid for productivity.
  • Plain - API-first customer service platform (support, feedback, rating widgets...).
  • Volta - Fast, elegant GitHub desktop and web app.


Monitoring your production application.

  • Airbrake - Error monitoring in production.
  • Better Stack - Uptime monitoring, incident management, and status pages.
  • - Full-stack monitoring platform.
  • KeenIO - Event streaming platform.
  • LogRocket - Replay bugs users had.
  • Rollbar - Reports errors in production.
  • Sentry - Application monitoring for bugs and performance.

Natural Language Processing

Interactions with natural language.

  • CometLLM - UI to log, visualize, and search prompts, prompt templates, prompt variables, and chains. Comet
  • DialogFlow - Voice/text chatbot framework by Google.


Orchestration tools for (micro) services.

  • AWS Step Functions - Visual workflow service to build distributed applications and automate processes
  • Camunda- Platform - Workflow engine that delivers scalable, on-demand process automation.

Payments & Pricing

Handling payments, credit card processing, and invoices.

  • Braintree - Paypal's take on API-first payments.
  • Increase - Bare-metal banking APIs.
  • LemonSqueezy - SaaS payments - covers more countries and takes care of VAT Tax.
  • OpenMeter - Open-source usage metering for billing and chargeback.
  • Paddle - Revenue delivery platform for SaaS with broad geographical support (unlike stripe at the moment).
  • Plaid - Accept, send ACH (bank transfers) and get bank information.
  • Stigg - API-first pricing plans.
  • Stripe Payments - Accept payments and move money globally with APIs.


Repository and artifacts management.

  • Artifactory - Create your own package repository.
  • Cloudsmith - Cloud-native private package management.

Reports Generation

Generating reports, mainly PDFs.

  • Carbone - JSON into PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ODS... API.
  • DocRaptor - HTML to PDF API built specifically for Paged Media using the Prince PDF library.
  • Export SDK - PDF generator API with visual template editor.
  • Image-Charts - Chart as Image API for reports, PDFs and more.
  • PDFBlade - HTML to PDF API usage based pricing.


Fetching data from websites not via an intended API.

  • Apify - Turn websites to an API.
  • browserless - Browser automation deployed to the could. browserless
  • Crawlbase - Scrape hard-to-scrape websites with proxies.
  • ScrapingANT - Scrape with headless chrome.
  • ScrapingBee - Using headless browsers and proxies to scrape without being blocked.
  • SearchApi - Real-time Google SERP API.
  • SerpApi - Real-time search engine scraping API.


Index and search your content as a service API.

  • Algolia - Search as a service and full suite of search APIs.
  • Meilisearch - Open-source, fast and relevant search engine. Meilisearch
  • Swiftype - Search as a service (crawlers and React ready).
  • Typesense Cloud - Open-source and hosted search as a Service. Typesense
  • Websolr - Open-source and hosted search with Solr.


Products that secure your codebase.

  • Bearer - Static application security testing (SAST) tool for JavaScript and Ruby stacks.
  • GitGuardian - Real-time GitHub activity scanner.
  • Infisical - Open-source, end-to-end encrypted secrets manager. Infisical
  • Snyk - Vulnerability scanner for code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code.
  • Socket - Detect and block open-source supply chain attacks.


Creating and handling the shipment of goods.

  • EasyPost - Shipping APIs for e-commerce.


Testing tools.

  • Apidog - GUI tool for API mocking, testing (scenario testing, functional testing, performance testing, etc.).
  • Applitools - Automated visual testing.
  • Beeceptor - REST API mocking.
  • - Performance testing.
  • Chromatic - Visual UI testing for storybook.
  • Ddosify - Distributed Performance Testing Platform.
  • Firecamp - DX first open-source API dev tool alternative to Postman. Firecamp
  • Loadmill - Generate tests from user behavior.
  • Octomind - Auto-generated, run and maintained Playwright UI tests with AI-assisted test case discovery.
  • Percy - Continuous visual testing.
  • Testim - Frontend testing.


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