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🚀 preact-minimal

Minimal preact structure.

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Preact is just soooooo fast! ⚡ ⚡ ⚡

But when you have an idea and want to start coding right away, then it becomes really hard and time consuming to setup and have your application ready to start your development.

preact-minimal comes to save your time providing you with the minimal and sufficient kit of tools you need.

What's included?


Want to start right now?

Follow this steps

git clone
cd preact-minimal
npm i

Run the dev server

npm run dev

Buala! You can start developing now on http://localhost:4000

Build assets for production

npm run prod

Running this command will create an assets folder that you can expose to your server.

Production mode in local

npm run start

You can check on http://localhost:8080

Preact Developer Tools

You can inspect and modify the state of your Preact UI components at runtime using the React Developer Tools browser extension.

  1. Install the React Developer Tools extension
  2. Import the preact/devtools module in your app
  3. Reload and go to the 'React' tab in the browser's development tools


I would love to see you contributing to preact-minimal, also by giving feedback. If you think something is missing, create a new issue.

Pull request are more than welcome ❤️️