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Evil glitch

alt text

Play it now: Recent Arcade Version with Global Scores:

Stranger glitches appear in your dimension, could you stop them to assimilate your world?


Compressed size: 13225bytes 12.92Kb 99.35% // thanks advzip

I had this obsession about creating a game with sprites like neon, finally using webgl I found a way to made it.

The game is an arcade shoot 'em up 2d with a retro aesthetics inspired in 80's media, lore and enemies are inspired in the crazy sacred geometry stuff.

alt text


I recieve a lot of feedback and advices from friends and communities, this game was possible because of their comments.

Lorena Marquez ( <3 helps me with game style: color and visual references, game logo is made by her.

David Roncancio (, my friend and the best player ever, maybe he plays more time this game than me. :P

David Arcila (, master helps me with a lot of game references and ideas.

The awesome Juegos-indies team, constantly feedback and advise about gameplay, narrative, difficulty progression.

Camilo Torres (!__portafolio/game-design)

Santiago Castillo (

Mateo Robayo (

Jose Romero (

Santiago Menelao (

Fredy Mena (

ColombiaDev community:

GameDevLatam community on slack:

Comunidad de desarrolladores de Videojuegos:

JuegosIndies group on facebook:

Devil Daggers - : that game inspires me to create the same sensation to beat the game to all cost.

References from:


music with

Sounds with

your death animation sucks

References old crt tv:

You Have to Win the Game

super win the game

her story

Pinterest board with style references:

I base the background music on this awesome song: Neo-Tokyo

Code not writed by me has comments on the file's header.

I took the 2015 1st place winner code as a template for my entry, removing the game itself and keeping only the bootstrap part. building system processing and rendering shaders

Follow me on:

Personal channel(spanish)

PlayList with progression of the game.

Spolier Alert!

You can watch full gameplay in :

Personal devblog(english)