[Drupal 8 Port] Make all comments replies to the main post, regardless of the reply link used.
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flat_comments is a small module that allows you to force comments to always be
replies to the node, not other comments.

-- Example

 \- comment 1
 \- comment 2

Suppose user replies via the reply link on comment 1:

Without flat_comments:

 \- comment 1
    \- comment 3
 \- comment 2

With flat_comments enabled and flat list display for the content type:

 \- comment 1
 \- comment 2
 \- comment 3

-- Configuration

1. Enable the module.
2. Edit a content type.
3. Edit the "Comment" field.
4. Uncheck the "Threading" checkbox.
5. (Optional) Hide reply links on comments by checking the
    "Do not show reply link on comments" checkbox at the bottom of the
    "Comment settings" section.

-- Developers

Drupal 8 Port:
David Valdez (https://www.drupal.org/u/gnuget)

Current maintainer:
Alan Doucette (dragonwize)

Original creator:
Heine Deelstra (http://drupal.org/user/17943/contact)

The port to Drupal 8 has been sponsored by:
  * Agaric (http://agaric.com/)