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agave is a fixed-width outline typeface, designed by type agaric.

Free to use, peruse, and diffuse. Everything (font files, glyph designs, glyph databases, and documentation) is released under the MIT license.

more about:


  • version 14
  • regular:
    • glyph count: 1963
    • ascii; latin ext; greek; cyrillic; math; ipa; arrows; box; powerline; etc.
  • bold:
    • in progress, not ready for use
  • italic:
    • yet to be designed
  • bold & italic:
    • yet to be designed


The Agave-*.ttf font file(s) can be found on the releases page or in the dist/ folder in the source.

Install according to platform-specific procedures (

IMPORTANT: Font naming and identification changed in version 11. If you have an older version installed, please remove it before installing a more recent one.


glyph distinction, in ASCII:

geometric rationale, sampling the regular Latin letter “b”:


literary text, sampling ASCII, Greek, and Cyrillic:


(For example, with the regular variant)

  • open src/r/agave-r.sfd in FontForge
  • click File –> Generate Fonts –> pick TrueType, No Bitmap Fonts, No Rename –> Generate
  • (assuming unhinted.ttf has been generated) run: ttfautohint -v -t unhinted.ttf Agave-Regular.ttf
  • the final Agave-Regular.ttf should be ready for use


  • “Agave” refers either to the green plant or to the daughter of Kadmos in mythology.
  • Agave is sister to autonoe and ino.
  • type agaric opted for a slightly eponymic name for their first typeface.


Feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. are welcome and encouraged.

Feel free to use the issue tracker or contact type agaric via email at


… foremost to the respective persons/teams behind Inkscape, ttfautohint, and FontForge as I relied on them to respectively draw, hint, and generate agave,

to GitHub for hosting this repo,

and to all the users ♥

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